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Research & Development

Bio-Pet invests substantial resources in development, production and packaging of its products, employing a world-class staff of veterinarians, food technologists, research scientists and production engineers, who utilize state of the art technology.

Bio-Pet´s main concern is the welfare of the animals it serves, and is deeply committed to its customers. These values are the driving force behind the continuous improvements in the nutritional composition and palatability of its products.

Feeding Trials

Bio-Pet operates an in-house facility for ongoing feeding trials. All the products gain the hearty approval of Bio-Pet's dogs and cats prior to being marketed. The company also uses external facilities for feeding trials and adequacy testing whenever necessary.

Quality and Food Safety

Manufacturing is conducted using state of the art equipment, under the most stringent conditions.

Raw materials and finished products are subjected to a rigorous quality testing routine at Bio-Pet´s modern on-site laboratory. In addition, all Bio-Pet products are produced under strict veterinary supervision.

The plant is certified according to ISO 9001 and all products have been proven to meet A.A.F.C.O requirements. The plant has been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture´s Dept. of Feed Control and is certified for export by the Veterinary Services of Israel. The manufacturing plant and the products are accepted by veterinary authorities around the globe.

The "Freshness Package" System

All of Bio-pet´s petfoods are packaged using the unique "Freshness Package" system.
The "Freshness Package" system has been especially developed to preserve the freshness, palatability and crispiness of the product for extended periods. The packaging material is made of impermeable laminated aluminum and the packaging atmosphere is modified, removing 85% of the oxygen and replacing it with nitrogen. The combination of an impermeable bag and a modified atmosphere prevents oxidation, preserves texture and palatability and crispiness of the product for extended periods of time.

Global Marketing

Bio-Pet´s petfoods are sold around the world and can be found in Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Uzbekistan, India and more.

Our strategy is to grow our brands by forming international joint ventures with distributors and retailers. We are constantly seeking business partners with whom we can work to expand our international activities. Bio-Pet´s International Marketing team offers our partners excellent service and support. Flexibility is one of our key benefits, enabling us to offer tailor made products and packaging to meet the needs of the local markets in which we operate.

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